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Free Delivery to Princeton and Haydays!

Princeton is August 22nd-24th 2014

Haydays is September 6th-7th
Free delivery of any of my products.

For paint orders, the cut off date will be August 18th for Princton, Sept 1st for Haydays.

Helmets, Cut off date will be August 15th. If we have product on hand, we can do one later than that, but.....

September 2014:  See you at Haydays!

August 2014:  Snow Craft Hood Decals now available!

August 2014:  Princeton was a success.  Thank you to all that preordered and to those that ordered while there!  We had a great time and met a lot of vintage sled heads!

August 2014:  Reproduction Ski-Doo Skid rear Axles now available!

July 2014:  Construction on the paint booth for the custom windshields is finally underway.  Soon!

July 27 2014.  Been a bit neglecting of this page as I have been putting the "new" on facebook.  Sorry, it's just easier.  I promise to revive this page.

2014:  More Retro Helmets Available!  Check it out!

2014: Vintage Paint has expanded!  We are now selling metal and plastic polishing supplies!  Check out the pages on how to polish, and the supply pages!

2014:  Vintage Paint has expanded!  We are now doing plastic casting.  If you have a item that you would like to see cast, contact us.

Aug 21:  Loaded for Princeton.  I will try and post our space location on facebook.  If you are not following us there, please do!  Facebook

Aug 21:  A prototype 70-72 OMC Narrow Track Windshield retaining molding has been produced.  Product to produce the real thing has been ordered.

Aug 18:  Just about done mixing paint for Princeton!  Cut windshields also!  Sample helmets.  Loaded for bear! 

Aug 18:  Rupp red is available on the website.

Aug 18:  We put together a prototype 1970-1972 Windshield retaining molding for the narrow track Evinrude/Johnson/Snow Cruiser.  Here

Aug 18:  Added some different color options for Scorpion!

Aug 18:  Found a Blue helmet that will be available with the Polaris graphics!

Aug 18:  A Moto-Ski Helmet has been finished!

Aug 11:A lot of 90's and newer Ski-Doo Colors were added!

Aug 11:Windshield news.  Vintage Paint will soon be offering the following windshields.  70-71 OMC narrow track, 69-71 Scorpion Bubble nose, 67-68 Ski-Doo, 69-70 Ski-Doo Bubble nose.  This is one step in making the custom windshields!  Also available will be short versions.

Aug 11: Moto-Ski Helmet, SOON

Aug 11: HELMET NEWS!  New Arctic Cat, Scorpion and Polaris Helmet designs are now available!

Aug 11: 77-80 Scropion Red is now on the website!

July 25:  77-80 Scorpion Red soon to be available!

July 25: Sno-Pony Gold soon to be available!

July 25:  Rupp Red soon to be available!

June 7:  I have a color sample coming that matches the reproduction Rupp parts!

June 7:  Received a NOS sample for John Deere Mean Green to match!

June 7:  Still working on a few details for the tinted windshields.  I can already do special orders and have one on it's way.

June 7:  Two styles of "Retro Helmets" have been made available.  I also have just received a Yellow and Red Metalflake helmet for the Ski-Doo and Scorpion enthusiasts.  Stay tuned for pictures.  I am working on many more designs, stay tuned.

June 7:  It appears as if the Whip uses the same blue as the Super Stinger for Scorpion, so that is also available.

June 7:  72-74 Alouette Red and 73-74 Alouette Gray have been matched.

June 7:  Both the early and late 76-79 Polaris windshields have been matched.  I will have some samples soon.

May 15:  Very close on matching the early Polaris Blue windshields, and I will be receiving a sample of original 75 and up windshield material to match at St Germain!

May 15:  St Germain coming up quickly.  Please order paint in advance if you are going to be there.  I am being conservative on the extra inventory that is being brought along.

May 15:  BIG NEWS for the Scorpion guys.  I now have most of the metalflake used on the Scorpion Snowmobiles.  Super Stinger Blue, Stinger/Super Stinger Red, 1975 Nightfire (COOL COLOR), and Super Stinger Magenta. 

May 15:  I received a sample of Alouette Super Brute Red and Gray.

May 15:  More windshield information has been posted.  I am finalizing the details and will have samples at St. Germain!

April 19:  Yellow tinted Ski-Doo windshields will soon be available!  Check out this page for more information!

April 19:  Custom windshields will soon be available!  Check out this page for more information!

April 19:  1994-1995 Ski-Doo Chassis Silver added

April 13:  1963-1966 Arctic Cat Red has been added.

April 13:  Working on some VERY COOL custom windshield colors.  Stay Tuned!

April 13:  Received some NOS Scorpion Metalflake Samples.  I have 5 more colors in the works!

April 13:  Added Ski-Doo HPG Shock Grey

April 13:  Added 1996 1997 Ski-Doo Grand Touring Ocean Green Metallic Hood/Chassis color and Solid Trailing arm etc color

April 10: Added a "how to paint polycarbonate windshield page"!  Hope you find it informative!

April 3:  Going to be going to St Germain for the Classic Sled Round Up.  Free delivery, check out the show schedule for more information!

March 25: 1972 Evinrude Dark Blue is in the works.  SOON

March 25: 1994-1997 Ski-Doo Yellow Now available!

March 25:  Started some testing of adhesion to windshield material.  24 hours old and it already is sticking GREAT.  More info and a write up soon.

March 13:  Speedway Blue metalflake is now on the website.  Soon I will have a tutorial on duplicating this color along with other metalflake tips.

March 13:  A new plastic adhesion promoter in "Hobbiest" quantities is now available.  This along with my "plastic Prep kit" and flex additive will have you set for even the toughest painting of plastics.  Soon I will have a tutorial on painting a windshield!

March 13: 1972-1976 Skiroule Chassis Silver has been developed and is now available on the website.

March 13:  1978-1979 Kawasaki Blue Metallic has been developed and is now available on the website.

March 13:  Wow has it been a month?

Feb 6:  Speedway 0.15 Blue flake is now available, soon to be added to the shopping cart.  I will be putting together a technical page for this soon.

Feb 6:  I am releasing a small hobby friendly plastic preparation system.  It will be on the website soon.

Feb 6:  I have been working with some research and development of a 2K aerosol product.  I have used it, tested it and am releasing it.  It will gradually be added to the shopping cart options.  If you are interested before I am done, just email me and we can arrange it's purchase.  Any color that I put in the 1K aerosol will be available in a 2k aerosol.  This will be a true 2k urethane!

Feb 1:  There is now a "booth" at for Vintage Paint.  You will also find some additional snowmobile parts, paint related items etc there.   

Feb 1:  January was a fantastic month.  Thank you to all that purchased paint!

Jan 14:  I personally will not be going to Waconia.

I have arranged with Goose for free delivery of my paint products to the show.

The paint must be ordered by Jan 21st and paid for.

email your order and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the paint, with no shipping charges, or order through the website, make a note for delivery to Waconia and I will refund the shipping charges. This does not apply to eBay orders.

If you order paint, I will have it individually boxed for Goose to facilitate a quick, accurate and easy transaction.

Jan 1: Skiroule RTX Green is Available

Jan 1: Yamaha Silver is Available!

Jan 1: Yamaha White is Available!

Jan 1: Massey Ferguson Series 2 Chassis Grey is Available!

Jan 1: Massey Ferguson Series 1 Chassis Silver is Available!

Dec 15: Hirth Engine Blue is Available!

Dec 15: Massey Ferguson Series 1 Red is Available!

Oct 5: Entered about 10 NEW Ski-Doo colors from the 80's/90's on the website.  Most Ski-Doo colors from 1963-1999 are now available!

Oct 5: Received a very nice sample of Rupp Red!

Oct 4: Yamaha Silver sample has arrived.  SOON!

Oct 4: Johnson Orange is now Available!

Oct 4: Evinrude Red is now Available!

Oct 3:  There has been plenty of activity, just haven't posted much.  Thank you for all of the paint orders, activity sure has picked up!  Here is some updated activity!

Oct 3:  Suzuki Silver, white and Alpine Blue is available!

Oct 3: Yamaha White is available!  Yamaha Chassis silver is in the works.  A fantastic NOS part was furnished for matching.

Oct 3: Kohler 4 stroke Blue is available!

Oct 3: Speedway Metalflake blue.  I received a sample of a hood to dissect.  More information coming!

Oct 3: Several more OMC colors available!

Oct 3: Hirth Engine Blue is being developed.  I have figured out a fairly easy way to achieve the "hammered" look.  This will only be available in liquid (non aerosol) as a special mix is required along with a special procedure.  Stay tuned!

Sept 11: I received some great Suzuki samples!  Thanks Butch and Zuk!

Sept 11:  Princeton and Haydays are past.  Great time, and met a lot of snowmobilers.  Thanks to all that stopped by!

Sept 1: Some kind words from a satisfied customer!  "your Polaris midnight Blue looks great, I did a test spray and I like it alot!"

Sept 1:  Added some information for the Moto-Ski's.  I still could use some help nailing down some of the exact applications.

Sept 1:  Wow, fall has arrived!  Snow isn't too far off.  I'll be working on some of my sleds here pretty quick.

Aug 28:  Haydays is coming soon.  If you want to pick up paint please preorder as I can only bring so much paint.  Save on the shipping charges!!!!

Aug 28: Princeton has come and gone.  Great show!  Thank you for all that stopped by with the kind words and some new samples are hopefully in the works!

Aug 21: 1978-1980 Ski-Doo Chassis Grey is now officially available!

Aug 21: Dark Gold .025 metalflake is now available.  I am hoping that this matches the Moto-Ski.

Aug 21: Viking Snowmobile Peacock metalflake is now available.  This is a blue/green mix.

Aug 21: 2K polyurethane Chassis black is available along with 4 other gloss levels of black!  Check this page out!

Aug 20: 78-80 Ski-Doo Chassis Grey is in the works.  SOON!  Please note that this is a "hammered" or a "speckled" looking paint that is also flattened.  This proved to be a challenge, but I think we have it.  Pics soon!  This leaves the door open for more colors like this!

Aug 12: More Sno Jet and Polaris information SOON!

Aug 12: The 2K primer is officially available!  Check out the "primer" page!

Princeton is coming!  Orders have already started coming in.  No shipping Charges!  See the show schedule page for more information!

July 23rd:  I have some more OMC information on it's way!

July 23rd:  I have some more Sno Jet color information, stay tuned!

July 23rd:  The same epoxy that I have been testing in aerosols, will also be made available in pints and quarts.  Pints will give you 1 qt sprayable, the quarts will give you 2 quarts sprayable.  This will probably be targeted to people with some painting experience.

July 23rd:  The epoxy in an aerosol seems to be working out.  I have a bit more testing to do before official release.  I will have it available for Princeton!

July 23rd:  Been a little quiet here, but some family obligations have kept me a bit busy.

June 10th:  I am testing a two part high fill DURABLE epoxy in an aerosol!  Stay tuned, test cans have been sent out to some customers.

Milbank was a success!  Met a lot of good people and have some leads on some good samples to match.  Stay tuned!

May 24th Added 1970-1971 Evenrude Dark Blue Metallic!

May 24th Added 1971 Johnson Rampage, Skeeter, and Skee-Horse Ski Orange!

May 24th:  Added Polaris Colors!  1970-1971 Polaris Blue, Polaris White, 1972 Blue Metallic!

May 17th:  I can now supply metal flake in 2 ounce and 6 ounce containers also.  Just email me if interested.

May 17th:  Milbank is just around the corner!  June 1st-2nd.  Pre order paint for delivery at Milbank with no shipping charges!  Huge savings!!!!!!!!!!  Please check out the show schedule page for more information.

May 12th 2012: New Metalflake assortment packs!  2 sizes!  Mix and match colors! Check it out!

May 11th 2012:  5 NEW Metalflake Colors!  Still only $16.99 a bottle!  Variety pack coming soon!

May 6th 2012:  Check out the Polycarbonate Plastic page for some information on painting polycarbonate and ABS parts!

May 4th 2012:  My Snow Cruiser Collector also gave the Snow Cruiser Blue, and the White a big thumbs up!

May 4th 2012:  Since we are on the subject of metalflake.  I am working on a more user friendly way of applying it.  I am also working on developing a gun that is reasonable in cost and will have a rental program for the gun.  Stay tuned!

May 4th 2012:  I have 5 more metalflake colors being shipped.  They should be here around the 9th.  4 of these are .025 size which is hard to find and matches the size of the old boats and snowmobiles.  I also have silver coming in a .015 size.  This will be a little easier to shoot than the bigger brothers. 

May 4th 2012:  My Evinrude collector gave me a thumbs up on my Snow Cruiser Blue, and we discussed the other colors, more information soon.  He was very happy with what he saw.

May 4th 2012:  1970-1971 Skiroule Green has been added.  A sprayout was sent to a Skiroule collector and she really liked the color.  I am looking for assistance for identifying a lighter Skiroule green, and to further determine year range of the 70-71 color.

April 24th:  I found what appears to be a early formula for Bolens Yellow.

April 24th:  I am sending off my Evinrude colors to be verified by a Evinrude collector.

April 22 2012:  I am sending off my OMC Snow Cruiser Colors for final verification to a top notch Snow Cruiser collector.

April 22 2012:  I have added Hardener and introducing an economy hardener along with the paint manufacturer's hardener.  The economy hardener is well worth the addition!

April 19 2012:  More colors of flake has been ordered.  Look for an expansion of those offerings. 

April 19 2012:    I have about 16 OMC (Snow Cruiser, Evinrude and Johnson) colors that I am starting to work on.  Wow, that is a bunch of colors!  I need an OMC expert to help me out here.

April 18 2012:  I have purchased an economy hardener and small containers which VintagePaint will be able to market in 4 oz bottles.  I will also be able to sell "the good stuff".  More information coming SOON!

April 17 2012:     I have 2 Skiroule colors mixed up.  I need to verify color match and years used.

April 08 2012:    I have 5 different Moto-Ski colors including Midnight Blue.  I have the paint, just need to find good samples to match them to and verify what years the colors were used and check the match and tint as necessary.

April 08 2012:  I have listed some of the Polaris colors.  I am still working on more, but have run into conflicting information on a few of the colors versus years used.  I also need to compare my white with some of the early samples and the reproduction hoods.  It is likely that a separate white will be needed for the reproduction versus original from what I am gathering?   

April 07 2012:    I received a bunch of pieces of a busted up Polycarbonate hood from Goose.  Why is this news?  I will be checking some different methods of repairing, painting, and even buffing on these pieces.  The beauty is that I don't have to worry about wrecking anything!  Stay posted for a bunch of pictures and results!