Vintage Paint 2K PolyUrethane Chassis Black

Please read information page before ordering.


This is a true Polyurethane paint that has the flattener built into it.  This way the gloss level is consistent, mixed the same today as tomorrow and does not have the added flattener "chunk" issue.

You ask why do I say "true Polyurethane"?  A true Polyurethane starts out as a polyurethane from the toners to the hardeners.  There are a lot of "modified polyurethane's" that start out life as an implement paint and than add hardener. 

Everyone has heard of DuPont's Imron, that is a true Polyurethane to give you some perspective.

Adjusting gloss level is usually done with flattener that is added to the already mixed paint.  The problem with flattener is that it is not consistent in it's effectiveness and it can cause white chunks which is really unmixed flattener in your paint.  This leads to issues obtaining consistent gloss levels and dirt chunks in your paint.

This paint the gloss level is adjusted by a different balancer which is added as the paint is mixed and is actually part of the paint system.  This will lead to consistent gloss level and no dirt specs caused by the paint itself.

I am offering this in 5 gloss levels.  This is listed in order of gloss level.

 Sorry this is not available in aerosol form.

Tips on shooting gloss adjusted paint.  Applying heavier will cause the paint to be more glossy.  Applying lighter and or more reducer will cause the paint to loose some gloss.  If you apply too heavy you may get a blotchy appearance.  So, if you are spraying at multiple times, use the same gun and try to be consistent on your spray technique.  This can be applied over the 2K epoxy which will give you a bullet proof paint job.  The 2K epoxy does not have to be sanded to apply this paint.

Now for the good stuff!  How to purchase! 

You will receive a quart "kit".  This kit will include reduced paint which is ready for hardener and the hardener which you will need to mix with the paint at the time of application.  This will give you approximately 36-38 ounces of sprayable material.  This is a VERY high hiding product.  A quart kit should do a entire chassis, ski's, skid etc.

Polyurethane Black High Gloss Quart Kit  $50.00
Polyurethane Black Chassis Quart Kit   $50.00
Polyurethane Black Semi Gloss Quart Kit  $50.00
Polyurethane Black Satan Gloss Quart Kit.  $50.00
Polyurethane Black Flat Gloss Quart Kit.  $50.00


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