Touch Up Paint Bottles

Vintage Paint will be offering Touch up bottles filled with 1K enamel that works well for dabbing in small ships.

Each bottle holds 1/2 ounce of paint.  (A 2 ounce bottle available upon request for special mixes but may add time to fulfilling the shipment)

These will only be offered in the core colors and will not be stocked in every color that I offer.

If you order the color that you wish in 1k or basecoat, I can mix some extra and custom fill a touch up bottle for you.

If I see enough demand, I will expand the colors that I stock these in.

Sorry, due to the small amount of paint needed to fill these, I cannot mix the color accurately for just one bottle.

touch up bottle touch up bottle
touch up bottle  


Colors Currently "in stock"

Ski-Doo:  1960-1963 Yellow, 1964-1970 Yellow, 1971-1975 Polycarbonate Yellow, Gloss Black, Chassis Black

Polaris: 1973-1974 Polaris Blue, 1975-1983 Midnight Blue

Arctic Cat, Scorpion Black

Misc:  Chassis Black (note: if applied in heavy coats, gloss level will increase)

Please email me or leave me a note in the paypal check out informing us which color you want.


1/2 ounce touch up bottle Sorry no longer available

Note: free shipping when ordered with other merchandise

Note: Shipping is not free if ordering by itself.