Shipping Information


A few things about shipping paint.  Please read and understand before ordering.  If you have any questions please contact me.

Paint cannot be shipped by air.  This will be shipped USPS Parcel Post ORM-D and has restrictions.  Paint must meet certain physical and packaging needs.  Please allow 4-20 business days for this type of shipping.

To ship paint by any other carrier (UPS/Fed EX etc) the shipper must be qualified to ship "hazardous materials" AND the buyer gets to pay a premium price.  Varying from $15.00-$20.00 PER PACKAGE on top of the normal shipping amount.  I don't think most customers even want this, so until it is needed this will not be available.

Aerosol cans are fairly heavy.  A filled can without packing is 1 pound.  Once ready for packing, it is over 1 pound.  I tried a lot of ways to try and meet the magical 1 pound goal but couldn't do it without leaving the paint out of the can.  So shipping is somewhat expensive, I cannot help it.

Paint is also fairly heavy.  A quart of paint is over 2 pounds without packing.  With packing, it is 3 pounds.  Shipping is somewhat expensive, I cannot help it.

Believe it or not, Parcel Post is now as expensive, or more expensive than Priority. 

Paypal Shipping calculator.  Since they only give me 4 presets, shipping listed if using the check out will be an estimate.  If shipping is inaccurate I will refund any overcharge, but we also reserve the right to notify you of a increased shipping amount.

Shipping to Canada


Shipping of paint to Canada is now not allowed again by USPS.  Either aerosol or liquid.

We will gladly ship to a US address for you.




PayPal Checkout for International Orders! 

I have the paypal check out set to $1000.00 for shipping on international orders.  Due to a flaw in Paypal's system, this is necessary as otherwise it shows shipping as free even if shipping is not offered.  Sorry for this inconvenience but I am looking into a better way to handle International sales.

Shipping to other countries.  Sorry I can only ship ground.  Any orders placed which contain paint or a aerosol with a non US address will not be filled except liquid paint to Canada.


Non paint items can ship internationally.  Please contact us and we will send you a paypal invoice with shipping.  Please be "exact" as to what you would like to order.