Polishing Products

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Vintage Paint has partnered with the manufacturer of some great metal and plastic polishing products. 

These products do work and are used by some of the best polishing professionals out there.

You can find cheaper products, but they will not cut as well, last as long, or leave the quality of finish that you will be able to achieve with these products.

More products are available than listed here.  If you have a desire for something not listed, we may be able to get it.

For more information on wheels/compounds please check out this page.

Polishing Kits, please check out this page!

Buffing Wheels

From coarsest to finest.  For more wheel information please check out this information.

TIP: Do not use multiple compounds on the same wheel.  Always mark your wheel with the compound of choice.  You may need more than one wheel if using multiple compounds with that style of wheel!

TIP: Aggressiveness of the cut can be adjusted by both the buff wheel and the compound.


Sisal Wheels

Sisal Buffs – Cloth covered rope fiber buffs used on stainless steel and other hard metals. 

Also can be used to clean up aluminum for a clean brushed appearance but not generally used on aluminum if sanding has been done..

 Natural, woven fiber covered with cotton and spiral sewn. Sisal is fast cutting and aggressive.

This is generally the first step after sanding of stainless, not to be used on plastics.

TIP:  Always center the sisal wheel on the mounting arbor.  If mounting a new wheel, break it in by aggressively pushing against it with some round bar and then clean up the loose strands before using.

1/2 Inch Wide Sisal Wheel
Sisal Buff Wheel




Sewn Spiral Buff Wheels

Spiral Sewn Buffs, Coarse cutting action. Sewn in a continuous spiral from the center to the face. Dependable, well-balanced, long wearing wheels for general shop use. Carefully selected, high-grade cotton sheeting assembled to give maximum cutting action.

Generally used after the sisal wheel on stainless, or as the first step on aluminum after finish sanding.

TIP:  Always center the sisal wheel on the mounting arbor.


1/2 Inch Wide Sewn Spiral Buff Wheel
Spiral Sewn Buff Wheel


Cushion Sewn Buffs – Used for light cutting and coloring. A superior grade of fine cotton sheeting held together with circles of lockstitch sewing. Gives a resilient, cushioned effect when in use.

1/2 Inch Wide Cushion Sewn Buff Wheel
Cushion Sewn Buff Wheel



Loose Sewn Buffs – An extremely flexible wheel for color buffing.  This will not remove much for scratches except in very soft metal.  Gives very slight cutting action and is great for hard-to-reach surfaces. Made of fine weave cotton discs joined by one circle of sewing around the arbor hole.

1/4 Inch Loose Sewn Buff Wheel
Loose Sewn Buff Wheel


Mandrel Mounted Buffs – Used for smaller buffing jobs. Quick mount with 1/4” mandrel pressed into the buffs. Used for light cutting and for coloring smaller objects.

Can be mounted in a drill

4 Inch Wheel with 1/4 inch Mandrel
Loose Sewn Buff Wheel
Mini Buffing Wheels without Mandrel (uses 1/4 inch mandrel)
Mini Buff Wheel w/o Mandrel


Goblet Buffs – Made with 100% cotton, available in rounded and tapered styles. Used for buffing hard to reach areas on all surfaces. Bulk only.

NOTE:  Does not come with mandrel

Goblet Buffs with 2 inch Base
Goblet Buff
Tapered Spindle is used with these.
1/2 Inch Tapered Spindle




Polishing compounds



tube compound


Maximum abrasive content for fast action. Uniformly blended for consistent performance. Conveniently color coded. Each composition is specifically formulated to produce superior results for specific applications.

For More Information on Compounds, please check here.

TIP:  Reapply to your wheel frequently, but VERY sparingly

TIP:  A Cheap compound that doesn't cut properly will just cost you time.

TIP: Bricks will generally be cheaper by weight, but the tubes do protect the product when dropped, flung or other things that WILL happen. 

Tubes also do not allow the product to transfer to your hands.

Sizes:  Jumbo Bricks are 7” x 2 3/4” x 1 1/2” Jumbo Tube 2" x 5", Medium Bricks, 1" x 5", Small Brick 1" x 3"

Emery (black) Most aggressive, approaching that of a flexible grinding wheel. Coarse buffing, removes scratches, rust, corrosion and burrs from iron, steel and other hard metals.

Used mostly on Stainless or other hard metals with a Sisal wheel but can be used with sewn wheel also to give a finer cut.

Would not recommend on Aluminum, soft metals or plastic

Emery Black Compound

Tripoli (Brown) – Natural Abrasive. Removes surface imperfections from all base metals. Used for general cutting and preliminary coloring operations. Excellent on brass plating and aluminum, pewter, etc. Mild cutting action and good coloring.

Used extensively as the first cut for aluminum either on a sewn wheel or a sisal wheel

Tripoli Brown
Tripoli Brown Compound

Stainless (Gray) – General purpose composition. Good cut & color. Restores the natural luster of ferrous metals. For cutting down and coloring stainless and other steels, chromium and nickel plate, plastics. Has a fast cutting action and good coloring.

Used mostly with a sewn wheel on Stainless as a second cut.

Stainless Gray
Stainless Gray Compound

White Rouge (White) – Will not discolor. Clean & Greaseless. Restores a natural luster to non-ferrous metals such as aluminum.  Removes scratches and produces a brilliant high-gloss finish.

White Rouge
White Rouge Compound


Plastic (Fine Blue) (Medium White) – Excellent for edge finishing of acrylic sheeting and removing scratches from corian counter tops. Restores a clean finish to solid plastics. Has fast cutting and good coloring action on plastics.  The white works very well on polycarbonate as a first cut, with the blue as a finish cut to improve the gloss.  Blue goes a long way.

Plastic Compound
Plastic Compound





TIP:  Use the rake frequently

TIP: Mount the rake on a bench if using a lot with a hand held buffer.

Rake and Handle are separate items
Teethed Rake

tapered spindle

Tapered Spindle 

For use with Cotton bobs

1/2 Inch Tapered Spindle
1/2 Inch Tapered Spindle



Adapts a 5/8 shaft buffer (most HD buffers) to buff wheels with a 1/2 inch hole.

Buffing Adapter $18.50


Bubblehead adapter for mounted drills and other stationary tools.

Mandrel Adapter - Adapts 1/2” arbor for attachment to any 1/4” mandrel accessory