Custom Snowmobile Windshields

This is just a taste of what is to come.  This is still in the research and development stage, but it will happen.

Windshield Update: We are in the process of installing a paint booth to do this process.  So they will be available SOON 7-27-2014

This is a multiple stage project.

Samples and pricing will be rolled out at St Germain!

First stage:

 Duplicate the original tinted windshields.  Yes vendors have tinted windshields, but many collectors seem to be unhappy with the color or the clarity.

I have been working on the Ski-Doo Yellow. 

How this all started was when I was painting my formula windshield.  Prior to getting full coverage, it was transparent and the idea occurred to match the Ski-Doo windshields with paint. I talked to a couple of vendors and they all said this would be a good thing to make happen.

 My first plan fell on it's face.  Normal paint is just too cloudy when left transparent.  Here is a sample.

cloudy color

 Like most challenges, the desired results do not come easy.  Then I came up with another type of paint, a different procedure and it works!  With a lot of work, I came up with a match to the Ski-Doo yellow


ski-doo windshield yellow ski-doo windshield ski-doo windshield


Picture one compares the clarity of the windshield and the color to an original windshield that is not faded as this is the area below the molding.  This was a R & D photo/piece here.

2nd and 3rd photo are of actual windshields that I painted.  The painting was done on the inside, so the outside can be cleaned, buffed, run into a branch and life will be good.  The process creates a flexible finish that will last a long time.

And now working on Blue tinted windshields!

And I am trying to match an original blue tint windshield.  Have a little ways to go, but it should end up being a good match.  The sample on the top is an original windshield, the left lower color was my first attempt, the right lower was the second attempt.  I will need to make it a bit more transparent and tint the color just a bit more.  It will happen!

blue tint windshield


Second stage:  

Anyone that knows me, knows I like bold bright colors.  I enjoy working with custom paint, pearls, and of course metal flake.  So, I thought why not play with this?  A lot of my snowmobiles have custom paint on them.  A lot of my windshields are custom painted, What if?

I have been playing with a custom pearl.  It is somewhat like ice.  if you look at it from different angles you can see multiple colors in it.  Blue/Red/Green/White Very cool stuff.  Expensive, but cool.  It is also much larger than normal pearl and very clean looking.  It is the size of small metal flake.  So I started playing. 

Transparent custom colors!

Note the clarity of the colors, they will look great on windshields.  The color pallet can really be endless, by intermixing colors at different ratios, adding different colored flakes and even using back ground colors.

I already have some more colors developed including a purple/green flopping color for the Arctic Cat people!  I will have some color samples this weekend.


transparent colors

transparent colors transparent colors transparent colors
  And a test windshield  
  smoked windshield  


Done in a smoke type color with the added pearl.  This windshield was done on both sides just for R & D and it was already smoked with some scratches from floating around.  I have played with another version of this with some multiple color pearl.  Stay tuned!

A couple more test windshields

A Blue Pearl Polaris TX windshield Arctic Cat Purple with a tint of Green
tx windshield arctic cat purple



And another twist!  Some people may not want the windshield transparent, but still want something cool done to it.  You have come to the right place!

A color can be put on the back side.  Any color!  Most of the samples that I have so far are backed with white.  This was done first off, to keep it simple, second because white will give you a cleaner brighter look.  I do have some colors with black on the back also.  The color used on the back will influence the desired color a LOT.  Enjoy!

non transparent colors

non transparent colors   non transparent colors

More sample colors coming.  I am posting this to get a little feedback as to what direction to head with this "little" project.  This can be done on the front, back or both sides of the windshield.


Third stage:

 Yep there is more.  Metal Flake!  It looks like the Big Flake will work on the windshields!

Scorpion Red

scorpion windshield scorpion windshield

Speedway or Polaris Blue

blue metalflake windshield

Arctic Cat Purple

purple metal flake

And now a Fourth Stage!

Transparent Windshields!

I can do any of the colors that I have transparent without pearl like the Ski-Doo yellow.  Smoke, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Fuchsia, Orange and more.

Some Samples (please note these are R & D samples there is some smudges on the front of the plastic)

tinted windshields


If you have some input/question or are interested in a custom windshield, please email me.