Custom Metal Flake

This is a quality paint safe metal flake designed for use in paint. 

.025 is the size generally used in the older snowmobiles and the 70's they seemed to start using the .015 more.

Price includes shipping in the US.  This can be shipped to other countries, please email me for price quotes.

More colors will be available shortly.

A picture of the .035 flake in use.

silver flake



Please see our site dedicated to metal flake and pearl for additional sizes of these colors and for a large assortment of other colors.

Prices include US shipping


Red .015 Square Flake.  Used on the 1974-1975 Scorpion snowmobiles. 0.015 red metal flake
.015 Red Metal Flake
Red .025 Square Flake Used on the Scorpion 1970-1971 Bubble nose snowmobiles and the 1971-1972 Wedge hood. apple red flake
0.25 Red Metal Flake
Red .035 Square Flake  Used on the 1973 Scorpion Super Stinger! apple red flake
0.035 Red Metal Flake
 Suzuki Fury Silver .015  Use over Black. .015 silver flake
0.015 Silver Metal Flake
Scorpion 0.015 "Night Fire" Metal Flake 1975 Super Stinger.  Very cool Mixed Metal Flake Night Fire Metal Flake
0.015 Scorpion Night Fire Metal Flake
Scorpion Red Gold 0.015 metalflake scorpion gold
0.015 Scorpion Red Gold Metal Flake
Scorpion 0.015 "Magenta" Metal Flake 1974-1975 Scorpion Magenta Metal Flake
0.015 Scorpion Bright Magenta Metal Flake
Scorpion 0.015 1974-1975 Super Stinger/Whip Blue Super Stinger Blue Metal Flake
0.015 Scorpion Bright Blue Metal Flake
Viking Snowmobile Peacock (Blue and Green Mix) .015 Flake Peacock
0.015 Viking Peacock Metal Flake
Custom Wild Viking!  Named after the Viking snowmobiles because it uses a combination of their colors!  0.015 wild viking
0.015 Wild Viking Metal Flake
Speedway Snowmobile Blue Metal Flake .015 Use over Black Speedway Blue
Speedway Blue Metal Flake