Color Information Page

Here I will try and describe why coming up with these older colors is not easy.  There are a number of reasons.  Please understand this process before ordering paint from anyone.

color sample 1 color sample 2 colorsample 3
color sample 4 color sample 5 color sample 6


So you can see that color is a touchy subject.  I will not list any color as a "the only color available" as I have heard a few collectors brag.  Once I heard, "my color is the ONLY color out there that is correct".  While I appreciate the work he did to achieve his color, that statement is presuming that every sled was the same color as his from the factory.  I doubt that!

What Vintage Paint will try to achieve is a quality color match for the average sled for that make and model.  I may come up with variations for certain models if needed.  There will eventually be a color sample posted on the website for you to compare to, but please understand that computer monitors can vary a color quite a bit.  If you need a one off color because you need it to match your exact sled, you may need to do some leg work for your self.

We will always be interested in hearing constructive feedback to enhance our color library.


Now you have purchased my paint.

Here are some tips to get the best color match out of it!

The color of the ground coat can change the color and cause more coats of paint to achieve adequate hiding.  You can also use this technique to adjust the color if desired.   White will almost always give you a cleaner color as a ground coat compared to gray like most people use.

Yellows and Oranges.  If you put yellow over a gray the color will be greener and take more coats to hide.  I most always use white under yellow.

Bright Reds.  White or a very light gray

Dark Blue/Greens/Maroons I like a dark gray or black.

Silver's, Medium Gray.

A uniform color for the entire hood will also help coverage and color consistency.