I decided to do Vintage Paint as there seems to be a need for uniform color information and a good source for paint.

Currently this is just a start.  We will be adding colors and color information as we go.

I have started with Ski-Doo and some other major brands as I have more color information available.  But don't worry we will get to the smaller companies.  I even have a formula sample for Ski-Bee!

Vintage Paint will offer the restoration technician, the collector or the hobbyist the best products at a reasonable price.

About me, I am a paint/body technician that has access to multiple paint lines of product and color information from multiple companies and I have a eye for tinting.  Most of the colors that I supply will be custom formulas not available anywhere else.  Please do not ask me for my formula as there is a lot of work that goes into those formulas.  I also have access to a color reader, but that is my LAST resort for color information.

The paint that we are offering is automobile grade 1K Acrylic Enamel. 

If you purchase aerosol products, I have done extensive research to come up with the best aerosol/solvent/nozzle mix can available.  Please read my Aerosol Paint Tips Page also!

If you purchase paint to be sprayed with a gun, the paint will be ready to spray so multiple products will not be needed.  Adding hardener is of course advised but optional.

Basecoat colors will also be offered eventually and can currently be requested but will not be shelf items.

Please note:  All colors can be ordered in any size, any quality even if not listed in the shopping cart. 

Just email me your needs, and I will send you a paypal invoice or the correct amount if you wish to send a check.

Urethane $5.00 add on per qt.,$3.00 add on per pint  (Hardener is required)

Basecoat, $5.00 add on per qt, $3.00 add on per pint, $1.00 add on per aerosol.


There will be different levels of color matches available.

Top of the line, approved color that has adequate color samples approved by collectors and hobbyists.  I will try and list by year, and if needed model.  I will also list what it has been matched to.  IE original paint, NOS part etc.

 When a color first comes out, I will list it as a "beta" color in it's description.  For me to offer it as a beta color will, it will need to meet certain criteria.  Some form of visual confirmation that the color is close but still needing further approval to meet my standards to become "Top of the Line".  Maybe some minor tinting may be done on future batches but it should be very close.  Constructive feedback will be welcome.

Experimental colors.  I will not advertise any color that I am calling experimental.  But if you contact me with your needs, I may have some information that has not been verified.  At that point if you are interested we can mix some up and get some feedback from you.  The color may get moved into the "beta" level at that point.

It is also possible that if you send me a sample, I can use my resources to develop a color.  Please understand that this will be done at my schedule. The better the sample, the more likely I will agree to do this.  The sample would need to be shipped to me so unless you want to bring me the entire sled :) a small piece would be preferable.

While all color information will try to be as accurate as possible, nothing is 100% that yours will match.  Please read my "Color Information Page" before ordering any paint.

If your color is not listed?

So your color is not listed?

I may have a formula but just have not had a sample to verify it with.  Email me for further information. 

If I do not have a formula, I can probably create one in a reasonable amount of time.  To do this I will need a good sample.  Many collectors have already sent me samples for me to work off of.  A drive axle retainer seems to be a good item to ship me, never seen sun, easy to pull, and easy to ship.  I prefer painted pieces, but if the color was only offered in plastic or fiberglass we will have to work with that.   Once I have a sample, then I will create a color.  Parts sent to me will of course be returned to you if requested.

 I cannot create a color from a competitors custom paint formula. 

You have a "paint code" that someone has used.  I will not offer that as a official color until verified as most the I have seen have needed minor to major tinting to meet my color standards.  But I can most likely mix it.  Email me for further information.


Warranty Information

Please understand that I cannot offer any warranty on paint beyond that it arrives to you in useable condition.  My pledge to you will be that cans of paint will be fresh and aerosols freshly filled with a good grade automotive paint product used by me on many projects with no issues.  This is tried and tested paint and I have many years in the body/paint industry.

If you follow the directions on my website you should not have any issues.  If you don't follow the directions, I cannot guarantee the outcome.  There in lies the problem.  What was the vintage paint put over, how was it REALLY used, etc.  Painting is as simple or as hard as you make it.  Shortcuts will sometimes make it very hard and are not advised.  Using Vintage Paint over mismatched products, improper primers, improperly cleaned substrates, improper substrates could lead to failure and sprayability problems.  If you do have problems, I will gladly help you diagnose the problem, suggest a fix, and help you get through it.  Pictures of the problem and EXACT procedure used will be helpful.  The paint does work if it is used the way that I am describing.

 By ordering paint from Vintagesledpaint.com you are agreeing that there is no warranty on the paint or it's use.

Email List

As there are changes and upgrades to the Vintagesledpaint website, I will email those that request it.  You will not get more than one email a week.  You will not get spammed.  And your email will NEVER be given or sold to any outside sources for any purposes.  It will only be used to send email updates to our product line.

Please put "email list" in the subject line. email