Repairing white spots in Belly pans and other Polyethylene plastic parts


Sometimes with bellypans you do not have any actual damage, but just have some "white spots"  I have been told that most of these bellypans were polyethylene plastic.

I will be doing some playing to verify this.

This is the same plastic used in fuel tanks.

While this plastic can be painted, why if you don't have to.  Plus due to the abuse they take, I'd rather fix if possible.


Here is the patient.  A parted out Ski-Doo Formula III with a rather beat up belly pan.  Junk actually, but perfect to play on.

Here you can see that the plastic in areas is very white.

polyethelyne plastic polyethelyne plastic


Since the plastic isn't actually broken, many times the color can be brought back to life with a heat gun.  No paint required.

Polyethelyne plastic Polyethelyne plastic
Heating the plastic with a good heat gun.  This does take a fair amount of heat. Be careful not to distort the plastic, but it should become "shiney" as the oils come out.


Polyethelyne plastic Polyethelyne plastic
Done, looks a lot better, It is still a little bit lighter right at the corner.  The plastic is thicker there and I didn't get it quite hot enough.  A little more heat would have done the job all the way. Done!


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