Polishing Kits

New to polishing?  Not sure what to get? 

We will list some "kits" to start out with and get a feel for it.

Please read info on polishing paying a lot of attention to the different buff wheels and speed of the buff wheels.  Using a drill will not get you the same results as using a buffer.

Yes it will work if that is what you have.  But it will not work as fast!


Polycarbonate Plastic Polishing Kits!

These kits will include 2 wheels, fine and a medium cut along with fine and plastic compound.  When listed, additional hardware will be listed.


Large Polycarbonate Kit contains Large tube of medium cut, Medium Clamshell of fine plastic polish and one each of the 6 inch buffing wheels.
Plastic Compound Kits
Small Polycarbonate Kit, contaings medium clamshell of medium cut, small clamshell of fine plastic polish, and one each of the 6 inch buffing wheels.  
Large Polycarbonate Kit with buffer adaptor  
Small Polycarbonate kit with buffer adaptor  
Small polycarbonate kit with 1/4 quick mandrel wheels for drill or die grinder  


Stainless and Aluminum Kits in the works!